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Smith LEVEL Matte Lava Black

Catalog number: 90060380
Model: LEVEL
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SMITH LEVEL snowboard or ski helmet

Smith Level is well ventilated with 20 vents. In the new season, it has been reworked and improved with self-adjustment, thanks to which you can set the perfect fit exactly according to your ideas. It will keep you safe from the park to the backcountry and back. With Smith glasses, they form a perfect whole. Snowboard or ski helmet.

20 lockable vents.

AirEvac ventilation The next level in the merging of goggles and helmet. Distributed vents, as well as internal EPS ducts, increase airflow, dissipate heat, and supply air to prevent fogging of the windows. Fresh, dry air is consistently blown into the goggles and warm, moist air is discharged through the rider's head away into the surroundings at the back of the helmet.

Aerocore construction featuring Koroyd - Made to protect the most demanding and advanced riders. Thanks to this technology, the helmet is able to absorb more energy than traditional helmets and reduce its speed on impact, thereby reducing the size of the final shock and distributing energy throughout the structure.

Low-Profile Regulator Adjustable Climate Control - Effective control of the air passage through the helmet for optimal thermal comfort.

VaporFit - Adjustable system.

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