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How to claim goods

How to claim goods

Something went wrong and what you ordered is “out of order”? Our goods are under warranty for 24 months (unless otherwise stated). During this period you can make a complaint.


Just fill in this formand send a defect piece back to us.

Periods and rules
·      In case of exchange please specify what you want (product code, colour and size).
·      If you want refund, you can choose from two different method – money order or bank transfer. Chose the second one? Do not forget to fill in your account number!
·      Credit card payment will be refund (after approval) automatically on the card.
·      If there was some sort of defect before (the customer is aware of before the shopping), such defect is not under warranty.
·      The item has to be sent as Recorded Delivery. C.O.D. will be not accepted!
·      Complaints will be processed within 30 days

Send everything to our address only: 
LIP distribution s.r.o.
Pražská tř. 2738/94 
37004 České Budějovice