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How to change / return goods

Don’t you like what you get? Do not worry, you can exchange or return your items up to 14 days!

The items you do not like or does not fit you send with the invoice and printed and completed form. Or save some trees and use the form at the bottom of this page.

Periods, tips and tricks

  • In case of exchange please specify what you want (product code, colour and size).
  • If you want refund, you can choose from two different method – money order or bank transfer. Chose the second one? Do not forget to fill in your account number!
  • If you choose something for exchange what we are not able to deliver during the next 10 days after receiving your items, we send you your money back and place the order as soon as we restock.
  • Credit card payment will be refund automatically on the card.


Return Policy:

Items have to be:

  • new and unused, shoes not wore outdoor and their box intact (it is better to send shoes in another box or to wrap it in foil).
  • in their original packaging (it is not necessary, but we like it a lot).
  • sent as Ordinary Parcel. C.O.D. will be not accepted!

If you want to get your money back ASAP, do not forget to fill in your account number!

Send everything to our address only: 
LIP distribution s.r.o.
Pražská tř. 2738/94 
37004 České Budějovice