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How discounts and promotions work

Special offers and discounts

Here we go – and not alone! We have prepared for you crazy number of discounts and benefits. So let register and log in. Your journey starts right here!

Sales up to 21 %!

How can I get such sale?

  • We count it up for every 365 days!

Everything you have spent in the last 365 days; we take into account. If you reach some of the following sums, you get one of these percentage down!

 How much do I have to spend and what % I get?

0 Kč - 4.999 Kč (immediatelyafter log in)

6 %

5.000 Kč - 9.999 Kč

10 %

10.000 Kč - 14.999 Kč

11 %

15.000 Kč - 19.999 Kč

13 %

20.000 Kč - 24.999 Kč

15 %

25.000 Kč - 29.999 Kč

17 %

30.000 Kč - 34.999 Kč

19 %

more then 35.000 Kč 

21 %

You can see the amount of discounts in the cart after you fill it up with your purchase. It is always count from the original price (without any other sale). Although these offers are not cumulative, you always get the best one for you!
That means that if you choose something with 50% discount and you will be eligible for the 6% one, we let you the item for half the price.

See your personal account to find out your actual sale!

  • Are you studying or teaching? Save 10 %!

Go to the cart and fill in the code of your ISIC (ITIC, YTIC) card – now you have your 10 % of the original prices down. Discount applies only to non-discounted items and cannot be applied to Gift Vouchers or Splitboards. Only registered users are allowed to do that.

This offer is not valid with any other offer!

In addition, we add in every package little present because we want you to be with your purchase as happy as possible!