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LIB Technologies TRS

Catalog number: 90065187
Model: TRS
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Men's snowboard LIB TECH TRS HP C3

The LIB TECH snowboard with the TRS designation, or Total Ripper Series, is a freestyle snowboard for universal use in all conditions. Snowboard is destined for perfect performance both in the park and on the piste, where it is perfect thanks to harder flex. The unique HP-Horsepower Construction provides the necessary rigidity and low weight of the snowboard. LIB TECH snowboards are "Hand made in the USA" and are therefore handmade and gently made in America.

BEND C3 Camber - a very mild rocker between bindings with a strong camber between the contact points. This maximizes grip when driving along the edge, increasing pop, power and accuracy. Perfect for aggressive snowboarding.
SHAPE Twin - a perfectly symmetrical shape with an equally long toe and foot for a balanced ride on both sides.
FLEX Lib Tech TRS has a medium to rigid flex. On a scale from 1 (softest) to 10 (hardest), flex has 6.
CORE Horsepower HP Construction 60% Aspen / 40% Paulownia - a lighter, greener and smoother core that combines aspen and pulownia wood for a smooth ride in any terrain.
LAMINATION Tri-Ax / Bi-Ax with Basalt - solid lamination that increases the strength of the reflection and supports the carve arc. The entire lamination is still reinforced with basalt.
SIDEWALLY UHMW - soy-based elastomers laminated into five layers for maximum sidewall resistance.
UHMW Tip / Tail Impact Deflection - toe and heel protection against damage.
SKIRTING Eco Sublimated Sintered - a base made of ecological materials, which is strong, fast and holds wax perfectly. Lib Tech recommends using One Ball Jay waxes.
EDGES Magne-Traction® - a wavy edge with seven contact points for incredible edge holding, even on icy surfaces.

Size (cm) 154 157 157W 159 159W 162 165W
effective edge (mm) 1150 1170 1170 1190 1190 1220 1250
nose width (mm) 292 293 301 294 302 298 310
center width (mm) 253 253 260 253 260 256 263
tail width (mm) 292 293 301 294 302 298 310
radius (m) 8.2 8.3 8.3 8.32 8.32 8.45 8.5
setback (mm) 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

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