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Snowboard set of boards with binding K2 Vandal + K2 You + H


K2 VANDAL is a snowboard for boys that will be the right partner for every adventure on the slopes. The VANDAL snowboard board has a twin shape, which is complemented by Catch-Free™ TUNE technology. The rocker bend is the right choice for beginners - the board is flat between the bindings and the edges rise close to the bindings. More information and size chart can be found below.


  • Level: Beginners / Intermediate
  • Deflection: Rocker
  • Purpose: All-mountain, Freestyle
  • Core: ASPEN SNOWBOARD CORE - a wooden core that brings good resistance, grip and flex
  • Shape: Twin - symmetrical construction with balanced and even properties over the entire surface of the board
  • Binding system: 4 x 4
  • Slide: EXTRUDED 2000 BASE - extruded slide is easy to maintain, provides maximum performance
  • Lamination: biaxial lamination gives the board strength and flexibility with good response
  • Flex: 3/10

Size chart:

Length (CM) Effective edge (CM)Toe/Mid/Heel (CM) Cutout (M) Station (CM)
Recommended weight (KG)
132 102 27.1 - 23.1 - 27.1 6.2 43.2 <120
137 107 27.5 - 23.4 - 27.5 6.6 45.7 <130
142 112 28.0 - 23.7 - 28.0 7 48.3 <130
145w 114 29.1 - 24.7 - 29.1 7.2 50.8 <150
148w 117 29.4 - 25.0 - 29.4 7.4 53.3 <160


Children's snowboard binding K2 YOU+H black is intended for young snowboarders and their first descents on a board. This model belongs to the K2 brand family, a brand that makes great boards, shoes and bindings. Read below for more detailed specifications.

Response: 3/10

Construction: Profusion ™ Chassis - Strong yet lightweight binding construction with the option of precise adjustment to the shoe.

Footbed: 3° Canted EVA Footbed - Helps the rider to have a natural position.

Highback: Groms Tweakback Highback - A flexible heel that can forgive mistakes in the beginning and help in further improvements.

Ankle straps: Bender™ Ankle Strap - The most flexible instep strap from the manufacturer K2. The instep strap is thus very flexible, but retains its necessary stiffness.

Toe Straps: Perfect Fit™ - Fits every toe shape.

Ratchet: Mega PC Lever Ratchets - Polycarbonate ratchets with a quality spring for safe and easy operation.

Mounting: 4" Multi-Compatible Mount Disc - A disc for mounting bindings on a snowboard. Thanks to the small diameter, it is possible to use the greater potential of the snowboard itself. The disc can be mounted on standard inserts and on The Channel system, which is used by the BURTON brand.

100% Tool-Less Adjustments - No tools are required to install bindings

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