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K2 FORMULA black

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The K2 FORMULA black men's snowboard binding is built to withstand anything. The binding is characterized by a light ProFusion™ platform with a comfortable angulation towards the center and what you will certainly appreciate is the 100% adjustment of the binding without the use of tools. A stiff nylon baseplate in combination with a stiffer heel guarantees accurate and efficient power transfer and excellent control. The padded instep strap will ensure comfort throughout the day.

Flex: 6/10


Profusion™ Chassis
The simple, strong and very light binding chassis is a classic in the K2 range. Like other models, this base can be adjusted for a given shoe without any tools.

3° Canted Footbed
An angled pad between the binding and the boot, made of ultra-lightweight EVA foam, which helps maintain a more natural basic stance on the snowboard while helping to control the snowboard and dampen vibrations.

All-Terrain Nylon Highback
Stiffer and very durable nylon sole.

Custom Caddi™ Ankle Strap with Neoprene
Richly padded instep strap for maximum comfort. The neoprene upper ensures very long durability.

Perfect Fit™ 2.0 Toe Strap
A narrow and well-fitting strap that hugs every shoe, regardless of brand, for maximum customization.

Gap Eraser™ Forward Lean
Technology that prevents and eliminates any gaps between the shoe and the binding. More contact means better power transfer.

100% Tool-Less Adjustments
After mounting the binding on the snowboard, all subsequent adjustments can be made without screwdrivers or other tools.

Aluminum Ratchets
Aluminum ratchet in the latest design in snowboard ratchets, which guarantees smooth tightening and release like butter. Among other things, it also ensures a higher durability of the tapes.

4" Multi-Compatible Mount Disc
Disk for mounting bindings on a snowboard. Thanks to the small diameter, it is possible to use the greater potential of the snowboard itself. The disc can be mounted on standard inserts as well as on The Channel system, which is used by the BURTON brand.

Size chart:
size M: 36 - 40.5 EUR
size L: 40.5 - 44.5 EUR
size XL: 44.5 - 49 EUR

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