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K2 BOND black/white

Catalog number: 90636349
Model: BOND
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The K2 BOND black/white men's snowboard binding is focused on freestyle and prides itself on being light, flexible and comfortable. These versatile snowboard bindings feature a set of no-frills straps atop a This Grips!™ vibration dampening base.

Flex: 7/10


Module Chassis construction:
True board flex and unmatched responsiveness with Multimount™ ankle strap positioning, allowing you to customize your flexibility and feel.

3° Canted Footbed
An angled pad between the binding and the boot, made of ultra-lightweight EVA foam, which helps maintain a more natural basic stance on the snowboard while helping to control the snowboard and dampen vibrations.

Sugarcane EVA Shockpads with EcoHarsmellow™:
Sustainably sourced materials help with cushioning and shock absorption.

Team Highback
Softer flex for full range of motion and a more relaxed feel.

SD1 Ankle Strap:
A lightweight strap that offers the right combination of flexibility and responsiveness.

Wrap Toe Strap:
A lightweight strap that can be tied over the top of the shoe or over the toe.

These Grips!™
The patented K2 rubber compound, integrated into the bottom of the Module, provides vibration damping and cushioning between the board and the binding, reducing fatigue and impact on the joints.

Eco-Conscious and recycled materials are used for the bindings instead of the plastics and EVA traditionally used to make high backs, ankle straps, spikes, ratchets and more. As a result, K2 has achieved an impressive reduction in our carbon footprint – it's not perfect, but it's a click in the right direction.

Size chart:
size M: 36 - 40.5 EUR
size L: 40.5 - 44.5 EUR
size XL: 44.5 - 49 EUR

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