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Women's jackets

Women's jackets

Women´s jackets are part of the garment, which needs the utmost attention when choosing it. You can choose from a wide range of cuts (women's bombers, light jackets, women's coats), but also from a variety of materials, fabrics and designs (women's softshell jackets, women's ski and snowboard jackets). There is a simple rule applied during choosing jacket - it is all depending what for do you need the jacket. If this is a street jacket or coat, you will be particularly interested in the cut and color appearance, in the case of sporting purposes then the material and especially the equipment matter. Whether it's thermal insulation, waterproofness, breathability or other jacket capabilities such as the presence of an anti-slip belt or ventilation holes and more. Of course, the color and pattern can not be omitted as well.

At we divide the jackets into the basic categories, namely into women's spring and autumn jackets, which are lightweight - there you can find for example mentioned bombers also women's jeans jackets - and women's winter jackets and coats, which are warm jackets and winter sports jackets designed especially for winter sports. Choose from the widest range of colors, cuts, designs, materials and sizes.