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TechDeck has prepared a THEORIES CRASH fingerboard for you. This album is inspired by the brand Theories. Desing is supposed to remind you of a fall from a board, which is sometimes quite painful. It belongs to skateboarding, but it doesn't happen to you with a fingerboard. Thanks to the concave technology and wider dimensions, you will master every trick. Don't you believe? Then try it!

Package contents:

1x completely assembled fingerboard with a length of approx. 96 mm
accessories - stickers, small key (for handling and modification of trucks), spare wheels, fingerboard stand
Very popular fingerboards from the TECH DECK brand are designed according to world-famous skateboard brands, which bring unforgettable original designs!
If you are a lover of skateboarding and you want to spend every free moment riding and learning new tricks, this fun is right for you! Skateboarding is not easy and the same can be said about fingerboarding. So start training! Create your skate park and fingerboard and learn tricks directly from the masters, who have prepared a lot of stone videos for you!

This is a minimalist prototype of a skateboard, which is intended for their lovers! Grasping the fingerboard on the top is a decisive factor in the quality of your ride and tricks. Other key points are the nose and tail, which determine the toe and heel of the board. The wheels and the board are connected by trucks, which contain, among other things, cases that have a fundamental effect on the rotation of the fingerboard. The softer and looser the case, the easier it is for the board to turn. A detailed explanation of manipulating the fingerboard can be found in the video below the text.

Brand TECH DECK also supplies authentic replicas of BMX bikes, metal frames and graphics from the world's best brands! Real bikes - unbelievable tricks! These are unique BMX bikes with identical details and excellent performance that you won't find anywhere else! Collect limited editions of BMX bikes and become a pro!

On Youtube, TechDeck will help you master a few tricks that are worth a try!

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