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Smith RIOT Blackout 2021 | ChromaPop Sun

Catalog number: 90061387
Model: RIOT
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Smith Riot women's snowboard or ski goggles

The Riot model is intended for a new generation of women who want larger quality glasses with a frame around the entire perimeter of the glass. Riot have cylindrical Carbonic-X glass cast into a mold, which gives it rigidity and with Fog-X, TLT and ChromaPop technology crystal clear vision. The frame has an integrated strap with silicone without other moving parts. This allows you to fully concentrate on your fun in the snow park, on the piste or in the powder.

Cylindrical ChromaPop glass
Carbonic-X tempered glass
Tapered Lens Technology
In the package spare yellow glass for bad weather
Women's shape
Responsive fit
Adjustable strap with silicone
2 layer foam with antibacterial layer
Compatible with all Smith helmet models
Fabric case for glasses with a pocket for spare glass

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