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Smith AS SQUAD MAG Snorkel | ChromaPop Sun Green

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Snowboard or ski goggles SMITH AS SQUAD MAG

Squad cylindrical glasses made of Carbonic-X material cast into the mold are hard and with TLT, Fog-X and ChromaPop technology will give you beautifully clear vision. The minimalist frame with integrated silicone strap eliminates the need for additional moving parts. The double-layer foam on the inside of the frames and the easily adjustable wide strap ensure that the glasses fit perfectly. Thanks to this, everything will work as it should and you can focus only on your entertainment. Snowboard or ski goggles.

Cylindrical glass with ChromaPop technology
In a package of 1 ChromaPop glass for nice and 1 yellow for bad weather
Cylindrical glasses equipped with a carbon layer against scratches and smudges offer an undistorted view thanks to TLT technology.
The hydrophilic chemical treatment creates a microscopically wrinkled surface on the inside of the glass, which absorbs moisture and thus prevents the formation of fog. 5X Anti-Fog is 5 times more effective at preventing fogging according to laboratory tests than any competing glass on the market.
The goggles are equipped with a wide strap, which is also coated on the inside with silicone to better hold the goggles on the helmet.
The frame of the glasses is coated with two layers of antibacterial foam, which is very pleasant and sensitive to any skin.
Smith goggles are fully compatible with the Smith helmet, which makes these two components a perfect whole in the fight against fogging.
The package contains a microfiber case

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