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Catalog number: 51954727
Model: URBAN V9

The SLAMM URBAN V9 BLACK / RED freestyle scooter is designed for beginners and intermediate riders . He is a representative of an improved version of his predecessor, thanks to a completely redesigned neck with the new Coffin -shaped technology. An aluminum fork and a reinforced plate made of heat-treated T6 aluminum are a matter of course. Standards are grips on the handlebars 165 mm, plastic blocks on the board, a milled hole in the neck and a lightweight sleeve. A very spoiled piece from the SMITH brand! So come take a look!


Intended for: beginner and intermediate rider
Scooter height (from the ground): 83.5 cm
Weight: 3,600 g
Load capacity: 100 kg
Board dimensions: 11.5 x 49.5 cm
Handlebar dimensions: width 53.25 cm x height 58.5 cm
Grips: rubber grips 165 mm and cover plugs
Sleeve: 2-screw screw sleeve - milled and lightweight
Headset: Integrated closed NECO headset
Fork: one-piece aluminum threadless fork - IHC
Brake: 110 mm Convex flex brake
Wheels: 110 mm, 88a, have a milled aluminum center
Bearings: ABEC-9 Chrome

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