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Slamm Sentinel V3 NINJA

Catalog number: 89967072
Model: Sentinel V3
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Freestyle scooter Slamm Sentinel V3 NINJA

suitable for riding and performing tricks in a skatepark or on the street.

Scooter of professional construction for rider heights up to 170 cm.

Plate: 12.2 x 52 cm (4.8 "x 20.5" inches), with reinforced neck, grip, T6 aluminum

Handlebars : T handlebars 58.5cm x 62.25cm (23 "x 24.5" inches), rubber grips 165 mm and cover plugs

Sleeve: 3-way screwed sleeve

Headset: Integrated closed NECO-IHC headset

Fork: one-piece aluminum threadless fork

Wheels: 110mm V-Ten II 88A wheels with aluminum centers

Brake: Convex flex brake

Bearings : Alphabet - 9 Chrome

Load capacity: 100 Kg

Weight: 3900 g

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