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Ride Kink

Catalog number: 90458965
Model: Kink
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Ride Kink is a men's all mountain snowboard. Thanks to its twin shape and extra camber , this board is ideal for universal use both on the slopes and in the snow park. More information, size chart and other technical specifications can be found below.


  • Level: Beginners / Advanced
  • Camber: Extra camber
  • Shape: Twin
  • Destination: All mountain / snow park


    • Double hybrid profile that has stronger camber than rocker.
  • Performance™ Core
    • High strength and lightness of the core and snowboard overall achieved thanks to the combination of hard bamboo and light Paulownia wood.
  • Slimewalls®
    • A skateboarding-inspired technological innovation built on the material of skate wheels, which guarantees an extra smooth ride and extremely high durability.
    • This exclusive technology is tolerant and tough at the same time, absorbing vibrations instead of fighting them. Just like skate wheels, the urethane in SLIMEWALLS technology softens the interaction with the snow, wood and metal obstacles you ride on.
    • Unlike conventional ABS edges, it does not harden at low temperatures.
    • What's more, SLIMEWALLS is a virtually indestructible edge, making it the most durable side edge construction in the snowboarding world.
    • Special 3D construction built around Slimewall® urethane sidewalls. It helps to increase the overall resistance of the board and also reduces its weight
  • Bi-Axial Glass FIBERGLASS
    • Fiberglass folded at 0° and 90° angles for perfect snowboard flex. At the same time, he is very forgiving of mistakes.
    • Reinforced area under the binding helps prevent damage to the board
  • Sintered 4000 Base
    • Very high quality, hard and fast slide.
    • A straight sidecut that uses a square curve from the toe to the back liner, then transitions into a linear part to the toe. This creates a smooth start to the turn and strong support when exiting it without losing grip.
    • It has a 50% thicker edge, which guarantees a longer life during continuous grinding.

Size chart:

length (cm) effective edge (mm) center width (mm) toe/heel width (mm) radius (m) recommended rider weight (kg)
inserts from the center (mm)
147 1170 249 292/292 8.6/7.6/8.6 52-75 0
151 1208 251 296/296 8.7/7.7/8.7 57-80 0
155 1246 253 301/301 8.8/7.8/8.8 59-82 0
154W 1233 260 305/305 8.8/7.8/8.8 64-86 0
158W 1271 262 309/309 8.9/7.9/8.9 68-100+ 0

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