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The OUKLEY FLIGHT TRACKER ski goggles with MATTE WHT / PRIZM CLEAR are a Canopy model in a modern coat. How you look and feel in the mountains is almost as important as the performance of the product itself, which is why the "timeless, clean and classic" design was the driving force behind our new model of Flight Tracker ski goggles. The new FT S, inspired by the first true Oakley Canopy racing ski goggles, has an excessive toric design with a large, yet decent frame, which is sure to become another fixture in the Oakley goggles range. The intention was to provide a timeless design with modern taste, simple but proven functions and an optimized field of view in all directions. With large, medium and small dimensions, the Flight Tracker fits a wide range of faces and is designed to fit most helmets.

PRIZM TM - a revolutionary lens technology that dramatically improves contrast and visibility on snow. It improves the ability of the human eye to perceive details and thus ensure a safe ride. It easily handles a wider range of lighting conditions and ensures the perception of the surroundings in natural colors. The result is a lens that is highly balanced for dramatically better vision in a specific environment. You will never see snow the same way again!


  • improved field of view - low-profile frame for optimized field of view in all directions
  • fit glasses - extended range of sizes (S: small for adapting to different faces of adult women and young people)
  • large tonic lenses that enhance peripheral vision
  • patented design O-Flow Arch allows comfortable breathing
  • free air flow
  • full compatibility with ski helmets
  • double glass with anti-fog coating F3 ™ anti-fog coating (Fog Free Forever)
  • microfiber protective bag
  • compatible with most prescription glasses
  • available with lens PRIZM TM

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