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Women's snowboard GNU VELVET C2e

The snowboard is equipped with an asymmetrical construction, which allows easier and more natural turning over the heels and at the same time reduces the feeling of fatigue. The C2e bend combines a rocker between a relaxed ride binding and easy sailing with powder and camber zones of the binding code from under the binding to contact points, which provide greater stability, control and grip when driving along the edge. Thanks to the Twin shape, it has the same driving characteristics, whether you drive in front or on the switch.

C2e Profile - a rocker between the bindings to keep the edges in an arc and easier sailing with powder, camber zones under the binding to the contact points for greater stability, strength in reflections and better control. A well-balanced profile that can handle any mission in the mountains.

Twin - the same shape and length of the tips for controlled driving on both sides.

Level 1 Asym Scale / Core & Sidecut - the human body is asymmetric, so it should be a snowboard. Turning mechanisms over the heels and toes are different, so the GNU brand has equipped the T2B with an asymmetrical design that eliminates these differences - precise turning over the toes, easier turning over the heels. In practice, this means that the snowboard has an asymmetrical core, which is softer at the heel and has a deeper cut. Whether you ride goofy or regular, the heels are always at the same edge.

FLEX women's snowboard GNU Velvet has soft to medium flexibility. On a scale from 1 (softest) to 10 (hardest), flex has 4.

CORE Aspen / Paulownia - light, foamy and strong, all-wood core, made from sustainable and FSC certified Aspen and Paulownia wood.

LAMINATION Tri-Ax / Bi-Ax with Basalt - solid lamination that increases the strength of the reflection and supports the carve arc.

SIDEWALLY UHMW - soy-based elastomers laminated into five layers for maximum sidewall resistance.

SKIRTING Eco-Sublimated Co-Ex - fast and durable base with low maintenance.

EDGES Magne-Traction® - a wavy edge with seven contact points after incredible edge holding, even on icy surfaces.

Size (cm) 139 143 147 150 153
effective edge (mm) 1030 1050 1070 1100 1130
nose width (mm) 261 272 276 279 281
center width (mm) 226 235 239 239 241
tail width (mm) 261 272 276 279 281
radius (m) 7.9 / 7.6 8 / 7.7 8.1 / 7.8 8.2 / 7.9 8.3 / 8
setback (in) 0 0 0 0 0

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