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Snowboard GNU Antigravity C3

An original technology that combines camber and rocker for all mountain riding. Thanks to this, the boards are better and easier in all directions - easier turning, less jamming of the edges, greater force when bouncing, better passing through powder and better adhesion of the edges even on a frozen surface.

C3 BTX - aggressive, dominant camber from binding to toes in combination with a slight rocker between bindings. The decent Banana rcoker provides freestyle freedom with maximum stability at high speeds. The ideal machine for aggressive riders.

MAGNE-TRACTION Wavy edge that cuts into the surface like a knife (steak knife technology). It adds more control, reduces fatigue and makes snowboarding easier and more fun on any surface, even on frozen boards.

bend: C3 - 2x camber on the sides, mild rocker in the middle, great dynamics, better pop, more stable at speed and fall
core: Aspen / Paulovnia I: highly durable milled lightweight certified wood core, this core is light, strong and has a high fiber density to ensure a perfect ride
Magne-Traction: wavy edges across the entire width of the board provide control and stability even on ice
UHMW sidewalls
lamination: Tri-Ax is crossed in three directions and Bi-Ax is crossed in two directions
top: Eco-Sublimated Textured Poly
base: extruded

Size (cm) 150 153 156 159 159W 162 162W
effective edge (mm) 1060 1080 1110 1130 1130 1160 1160
nose width (mm) 288 292 297 301 311 303 313
center width (mm) 250 252 255 257 267 258 268
tail width (mm) 285 290 294 297 307 300 310
radius (m) 8 8 8 8.1 8.1 8.1 8.1
setback (in) 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

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