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Catalog number: 51951924
Model: ENDURO X2
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Splitboard GARA ENDURO X2

Versatile Freeride splitboard with directional shape, rocked toe and pintail heel.

Profile :: Camber- Rocker at the top

Construction: Triax laminate - X15 Carbon reinforcement

Hardness: 7/10

Focus: Freeride

Enduro is a versatile Freeride splitboard with directional shape, rocked toe and pintail heel. The radius is moderately rotating, guaranteeing stability at higher speeds. The radius is connected between the toe and the heel by means of a reverse radius, which guarantees easy tilting from edge to edge. The profile consists of a camber with a top under the front foot, which turns into a rockerated toe and heel.

This profile guarantees control on hard surfaces and at the same time ensures easy handling in powder. The floor plan of the tip is based on the Fish board, but is shortened for better balance and maneuverability. The pintail on the heel guarantees agile control in difficult terrain and at the same time is sufficiently stable when driving fast or dropping with a loaded backpack.

By scrolling on the ads, you can turn Enduro into a freeride board (2.5 backstance) or Fish (5.0 back stance). The basis of the all-wood core is Paulownie wood with reinforcements from Poplar. This mix guarantees super light weight and stability. The hardness of the core grades under the front foot, which ensures maximum control in difficult terrain or after an impact from a drop. The heel, on the other hand, is softer to be manageable and have enough Pop on the olli. Due to the rocker at the top, the final flex is balanced and neutral.

Model Size Length Width (cm) Radius Effective edge length (cm) Narrowing the heel Rider weight
Enduro 147 1470 240 7000 1110 12 45-60
Enduro 153 1525 246 8000 1145 10 55-70
Enduro 153W 1530 256 7500 1145 12 60-75
Enduro 159 1590 256 8900 1200 10 70-85
Enduro 159W 1590 264 8200 1190 12 75-90
Enduro 164 1640 264 9200 1235 10 80-100
Enduro 168 1680 266 9700 1270 10 90-110

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