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Aqua Marina Motion

Catalog number: 51954239
Model: Motion
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The inflatable boat AQUA MARINA MOTION is a practical partner for recreational trips on calm waters. It is made of extra heavy and high quality PVC for long life. Thanks to the multi-chamber construction, the boat is more stable. Boston-type valves are used for inflation. The package also includes two oars, which can be easily attached to robust holders. An integral part are side handles, for easy handling of the boat. The boat is compatible with the Aqua Marina T-18 12V electric motor, which can be easily attached to the boat and is included in the package. The outboard engine is powered by a car battery, so just charge it whenever and wherever you have your car.

The battery is not included. A car battery with a voltage of 12 V and a capacity of 15 - 130Ah is recommended (you can buy it in a specialized shop). It is charged using a car battery charger, just like in a car when the battery is low. At maximum power, the operating time for a battery with a capacity of 15 Ah will be about 15 - 20 minutes, for a battery with a capacity of 130 Ah about 3 hours.


  • length: 255 cm
  • width: 125 cm
  • shaft length: 60 cm
  • weight: 7.3 kg
  • voltage: 12V
  • power: 180w
  • max. load: 185 kg
  • number of passengers: 2 adults or 1 adult + 2 children
  • 2x paddle in the package
  • very light construction
  • quiet operation
  • compatible with 12V Aqua Marina T-18 electric motor
  • robust oar holders
  • handles for easy handling
  • multi-chamber construction
  • Boston inflatable valves

Package contents:

  • inflatable boat
  • inflatable seat
  • 2 oars
  • perimeter rope
  • foot pump
  • electric motor Aqua Marina T-18 at 12V

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