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Aqua Marina Carbon Guide

Catalog number: 90069994
Model: Carbon Guide

The paddle for the Aqua Marina Carbon Guide paddleboard is a novelty of 2021. It is three-part and the length can be set in the range of 180-220 cm. Its main advantage is the construction, which is durable and at the same time relatively light. The paddle is an ideal combination of quality and favorable purchase price. Thanks to its lower weight, it will be appreciated especially by paddlers who will ride regularly, especially for longer rides. Although the weight of the paddle cannot even come close to all-carbon specials suitable for racers, it is more resistant to shocks. For this reason, we recommend it especially to beginners, for whom it will represent an entry into the world of higher quality paddles.


  • 70% carbon + 30% fiberglass
  • diameter: 28.7 mm
  • length: 180-220 cm


  • 60% nylon / 40% fiberglass
  • length: 40 cm
  • width: 22 cm


  • 950 g

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